To those who men who are fed about with a sexless, single life then Raw Attraction Magazine is the place to go to motivate you towards action.

Aside from dating tips, it also focuses on self-improvement, self-confidence, self-development and focusing on the power of now.

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We love it and want to see the design to reflect its qualities: - boldness - round edges - strong colours, orange, blue and white - the dots of the letter i - organic We need 2 pages designed: Landing Page and Main Page Important: Please let our lovely logo guide you in picking style and colours.

As always, Silicium Studios did a PERFECT job for us, and the art was finished much faster than I expected. Brio was a pleasure to work with and we will return to him for any future web design needs.

People can upload their pictures, connect them with their own personal questions in order to be answered by other users.

If those like what they see, they can contact the first person. a) a total desaster b) better than a cheese cake c) wonderful until her father entered the car and kicked me out [image, portrait] What do I hate most about other people?

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At Raw Attraction Magazine they note that, “There is a growing number of men who realize that they have to improve themselves in order to date the women they want and it’s not based on pick up lines and games – as is often the common theory when people read the book by Neil Strauss, ‘The Game’.

“ This revolutionary and innovative magazine will have a profound impact on everyone’s dating life.

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