Mya has seen the little-girl-becomes-woman angle played before, specifically when she released her last album, (Interscope), in 2000.Wearing skimpy shorts and cooing evocatively in her videos, Mya seemed to be taking charge of her own sexual awakening. Today, even hidden underneath her rehearsal sweats, she is all woman: it’s evident in her halcyon glow, her disarmingly infectious smile, and the way her clothes hug her tiny, curvy frame.“It’s how you carry yourself,” she says in defense of her on-camera wardrobe, but the statement could refer to her professional game plan as well.

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She has got a very nice physique and says that she likes to stay fit and in shape.

As a result, she practices yoga of both mind and body and also takes care with her food.

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Silkk the Shocker was represented by No Limit record label.

Two unexpected qualities about Silkk The Shocker leap-out as soon as “play” is pressed on the interviews embedded in this conversation.

One, the “It Ain’t My Fault” rapper looks exactly as he did in “It Ain’t My Fault” video, which debuted in 1998.

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