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Note that the drivers do not change from release to release of the package; the same drivers are made to support more devices by adding the device names/IDs to the driver package, so there is no reason to update your drivers unless you are trying to use a new STB that wasn't supported earlier. That is why, with the original file, you have to uncheck the 'Show compatible hardware' box to select 'Panasonic D-VHS AV/C Device' (an AV/C Tape driver).

The following driver package includes Windows XP/MCE/Vista/7 Firewire drivers for various set-top-boxes manufactured by Scientific-Atlanta and Motorola. With the file included in my package, hopefully your STB will already be listed without having to uncheck the 'Show compatible hardware' box.

For most STBs, there will be an AV/C Tuner device and an AV/C Panel device. Another New Hardware Found wizard will pop up for each subsequent device.

For some, there will be an additional Unknown device. For most STBs, there will be an AV/C Tuner device and an AV/C Panel device.

My laptop has a 4-pin firewire port so I use a 6-pin to 4-pin cable. I had problems using the other firewire port and many others reported problems trying to use that one. The first time you do this the Found new hardware wizard will come up. Select No, not this time in the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog and then click on Next. I will choose the driver to install and then click on Next. You should see Tuner AV/C Device show up in the Model list. Look for AV/C Panel and Unknown device under IEEE 1394 Host Controller and right click on each and select Disable.

When facing the back of the DCT64xx make sure you use the firewire port on the right hand side (left side if looking from the front). Next you should see Tuner AV/C Device as the hardware that was found. and find the directory where you unzipped motorola6412_folder to and select the drivers\file and click on OK. Under model choose Motorola Tuner AV/C Device (DCT-6412) and click Next. Choose Continue Anyway to ignore warning about untested driver and finally click on Finish. Click Cancel on any other devices that are automatically detected and ignore the balloon message about errors in new hardware installation. Open Device Manager by running Start-Devices by connection.Setting up for drivers for DCT64XX Firewire capture using Windows XP SP2 DCT64XX Firewire mpeg2 capture using Windows XP Making a DVD titleset the easy way (from both HD and SD captures) NOTE: You only need to follow this step to install drivers the first time you connect DCT64xx to Windows XP. Now that the software and drivers are installed you are ready for some firewire captures. Then choose Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) and click Next. This will prevent you from having to cancel prompts for installing new devices in the future when you connect the firewire cable.It includes a copy of Cap DVHS, and the drivers and INF file from Tim M. Download the driver package and extract it to a convenient place on your hard drive.Moore's installer, with the INF file updated to work with the following devices: Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. Connect your STB to your PC using the Firewire cable and follow the appropriate installation process: Windows XP/MCE: 1.Note that you will capture whatever the DCT64xx is currently outputing - either the current tuner of any channel or playback of a previously recorded show. NOTE: You will only be able to capture channels/recordings without 5C protection enabled.