Impressively, it claims a 6:4 male/female ratio which is far higher than most dating apps thanks to a marketing focus on female users.

The funding — the startup’s Series D — was led by video social network YY and Genesis Capital, with participation from SAIF China and Zhongwei Capital.

So why has a great white from South Africa made the 1500-mile trip?

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Chinese startup Tantan, which is probably most comparable to Tinder, has raised $70 million in new capital as it looks to monetize its business for the first time and explore overseas expansion options.

Three-year-old Tantan claims 60 million ‘validated’ users — i.e.

“There’s no promises or plan to do that, but if at some point we are interested, [YY] has the tech stack and experience,” Tantan CEO Wang Yu told Tech Crunch in an interview.

“One part is because we [and YY] both believe the dating market is a huge opportunity in China right now, especially since Momo is moving away from it,” Wang — who previously founded fashion community P1 — added.

not fake accounts — of which six million are active on a daily basis.

Of those active users, 75 percent are second-day return active.

Let’s take a look at which American TV shows are the most popular in China today.

If you watch any of these shows yourself, they make for great conversation topics with most Chinese people.

They want to know what happens when 14-foot crocodiles moves into shark infested waters?

Shark Week goes to Madagascar, a place NOT known for great white sharks.

Since China opened up its economy in the 1980’s, American TV shows have been a way for Chinese people to practice English, while also learning about culture and getting entertained at the same time.