It’s opened my eyes to an inordinate number of things.” Unlike his co-stars Vandelli has kept his personal life and relationships notoriously private.

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He made the admission after a fan questioned why neither Vandelli or his onscreen sidekick Victoria Baker-Harber have relationships on the show.

Vandelli – who joined the show after his lawyer billed it to him as a documentary about young people and their careers – recently told the Standard Online that he doesn’t know “terribly much about” his co-stars, adding: “Which is probably how it should remain.” But despite his apparent dislike for his co-stars, he said of the show: “It’s such fun.

JP (Josh Patterson), Akin Solanke-Caulker, Binky Felstead, Ollie Locke, Toff (Georgia Toffolo), Louise Thompson, Olivia Bentley, Proudlock (Oliver Proudlock) MIDDLE ROW: Stephanie Pratt, Julius Cowdrey, Fred Ferrier, Jess Woodley, Rosie Fortescue, Sam Thompson BACK ROW: Alex Mytton, Emily Blackwell, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Victoria Baker-Harber, Jamie Laing, Frankie Gaff, Francis Boulle, Tiff Watson "I sent her an invitation and I didn't have her address so I had to send it via the Internet and she responded saying 'thank you what is this?

' When I later saw her I said 'what a shame you couldn't come to my party' and she said: 'Oh I thought that was my driver'. There is never any reason to be rude, when to some degree we are co-workers. He added: “It's so stupid to be patronising to someone who is trying to be nice.

I never imagined I would get involved in reality TV but I am about as far away from things like The Only Way Is Essex as you could imagine.

Mark-Francis Vandelli has compared sharing a kiss on Made in Chelsea to pornography.

Vandelli – who would never go public with a relationship on the reality TV show – said kissing on TV is "mortifying" because it should only be done in "candlelight". It's something that should happen in candlelight, preferably, and with your eyes shut.

Speaking to Standard Online he said: “I think it must be hard to fall for someone on the show. I certainly don't want others to see it." Vandelli – who is famed for his witty remarks and devilishly defined cheekbones – said he has “never ever ever” met up with his “co-workers” outside of the show, but insisted he is not as “cutting and cold” as people may think.

who else stars in the E4 reality TV show."We don't really know what other people are doing, or who they are dating, or whether or not they're in the show to be honest," Mark-Francis deliciously told Digital Spy.

"I don't know what anyone's doing and to be perfectly frank, I couldn't care less."What you must understand is that we don't interact or socialise with any of the other cast," he continued. Occasionally Binky, who I'm always happy to see."But Mark-Francis claimed he really has tried to integrate his social circles, but alas, to no avail."I have invited many of the cast to parties in my house but you can tell there is a distinction between my friends and them, and they don't really make any effort to integrate," he said matter-of-factly.

And they're all too young and immature to be completely committed, I think."She also suggested that "some people wouldn't be together if it wasn't for the show", saying: "They find themselves in this small circle together and they feel like the only people in their feeding pool is the people on the show."Mark-Francis agreed: "And they understand each other's problems.