(Nick Ut / Associated Press) Amid concerns about sexual assaults on college campuses, Gov.Jerry Brown on Thursday signed a bill requiring high schools that mandate health courses to provide lessons in the prevention of sexual violence.The measure also requires lessons promoting affirmative consent before couples engage in sexual relations.“I firmly believe that by instilling in young minds the importance of affirmative consent and relationships built on love and respect, that we can reduce the sexual violence inflicted on young women,” said state Senate leader Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), co-author of the bill with Sen. NEWSLETTER: Get essential California headlines delivered daily The law is the first of its kind in the nation, according to the legislators, and follows a measure signed last year requiring college campuses to improve policies to prevent sexual assault and to require that couples affirmatively consent before engaging in sex.“Without …

Parents will have the option of excusing their child from instruction.

The new law seeks to remedy the uneven instruction in sexual health in public schools in the state, as documented in a study by researchers at UC San Francisco and in a lawsuit against the Clovis Unified School District brought by two parents and several advocacy groups that alleged inaccurate and biased information about sexual health was being taught.

"We're making it mandatory." Emanuel first announced the city's five-year plan for computer science education last December.

In three years, Chicago public high schools will require a foundational computer science course in order to graduate.

But because instruction was not mandated, the districts were “picking and choosing” what they wanted to teach, she said.

In some cases, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students have been “made to feel invisible – or worse, stigmatized – in health classes,” Burlingame said.

Kentucky became the first state to require face protection in high school softball for pitchers, first basemen and third basemen, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association announced Tuesday. RELATED: Kentucky mandates additional face protection in softball Seriously? I got hit more times wearing one bc I couldn't see. https://t.co/wjr Na Evm Im — Hannah Perryman (@hperryman723) July 18, 2017 Quick thoughts: Another sign of the times we live in.

Also, bet they're not mandating face masks for baseball players ⚾️ #Tuesday Thoughts https://t.co/Rn6FCJsv2l — Heather Gelbard (@heather_gelbard) July 18, 2017 Love to see pitchers wear masks…doesnt bother me if 1st and 3rd do…hate to be told what to do.. https://t.co/fp SIT1Hqn L — Beverly Bandits (@Demarini Bandits) July 18, 2017 Yes!!! If anyone thinks wearing a mask makes you look "scared" then they're ignorant.

Improving access to coding and computer science classes could open doors for low-income students, and Chicago officials believe it's not limited to high school education.