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The NLG™ Logistics Group leverages a national network of shipping industry experts.

The Group has superior knowledge of the industry due, in part, to the free flowing synergy that has been created through sharing of our industry knowledge and expertise.

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NLG™ solutions are engineered to be user friendly and are customized to suit the individual business processes of each customer.

From enterprise-wide solutions for Fortune 500 companies to small business solutions, the NLG™ Logistics Group has the experience to implement a solution that will work in your business environment.

Over thirty artworks explore the subversion of the quotidian and the transgression of boundaries between public and private spheres.

Living, eating, dancing, seducing, reading, watching films, going online; the exhibition traces how individual and collective engagements make the political personal.

The United Kingdom comes 43rd out of 186 countries for gender representation, according to UN data from 2014.