It is Margareta, the Cheekies' formidable mother-cum-manager, checking the venue for their imminent interview. But it's a beautiful spring day and…No, interjects Margareta firmly, the photographs must be taken inside.

And one gets to thinking, why the girls must be kept away from bright sunlight. How could one forget - however one tried - the Cheeky Song? "We are the cheeky girls, we are the cheeky girls, you are the cheeky…" Waterboarding would be preferable.

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Meanwhile, a close confidant of Lorenzo has revealed that he is dating makeup artist Phyllis.

According to a source, Lorenzo is madly in love with the makeup artist and is set to dump Miss Manneh for her.

Unkind critics of the Cheeky Girls have in the past drawn unflattering comparisons between them and that other great Transylvanian export, Count Dracula.

Not least the sensation of one's lifeblood draining away while watching them at work.

They later went for a ride before heading back to her hotel room. “Miss Menneh and Lorenzo have been dating about a year now since they got to know each other online.

A source close to the pair said the relationship started a while back on social media but that the two lovebirds are thick since Miss Menneh arrived in Liberia about a week ago, and have been spending time together—which many say is meant to improve their relationship. But since meeting physically, and from all indications, the singer is willing to tie the knot with her new found love,” the source added.

The brooding atmosphere is not helped when the Cheekies arrive in the dark, panelled lounge of the town's Mermaid Hotel. Altogether now: "We are the cheeky girls/ we are the cheeky girls/ you are the cheeky boys/ you are the cheeky boys…""It seems to have been around for longer than it has because after the first year it was already a classic," says Gabriela. The Cheeky Song (subtitled Touch My Bum) rings in the head like a North Korean brainwashing mantra. But the Cheekies are famous for another reason: Gabriela's 18-month liaison with the Liberal Democrat frontbench spokesman Lembit Opik.

Black-haired, black-waistcoated, black-culotted, the twins look as though they've just popped over from Carpathia for a quick bite. It was hot news in late 2006 when Opik expressed his devotion for Gabi, and was recently thrust in the spotlight when Opik's ex-fiancée Sian Lloyd published her autobiography.

The two were spotted hanging out in Sinkor and later shared a romantic selfie of them snuggling up together in a car.

Although there was no caption on the picture, Lorenzo’s eyes say it all.

“They usually hang-out together when Miss Menneh is in bed or doing something else.