In 1960, an openly gay or lesbian parent was unlikely to be awarded custody in any state, even if he or she was the primary caretaker, the more skilled or attentive parent, or the person with whom the child was most bonded.

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Lack of opportunity for same-gender couples to marry adds to families’ stress, which affects the health and welfare of all household members.

Because marriage strengthens families and, in so doing, benefits children’s development, children should not be deprived of the opportunity for their parents to be married.

Bisexual people need not have had specific sexual experiences to be bisexual; in fact, they need not have had any sexual experience at all to identify as bisexual.

Do not use a hyphen in the word "bisexual," and only capitalize bisexual when used at the beginning of a sentence.

By the late 1960s, courts in some states began to adopt a more liberal approach that stressed the importance of evaluating parents as individuals, without regard to their sexual orientation. Today, there are few states in which courts are permitted to assume that a gay or lesbian parent is automatically unfit to be a child's primary custodian. W.3d 332 (2002), for example, the Arkansas Supreme Court struck down the state's sodomy statute and disapprovingly referred to a prior case denying custody to a lesbian mother because she engaged in "illicit sexual conduct." Id.

A lesbian inmate at an Italian jail tried to seduce exonerated murder suspect Amanda Knox, according to an essay by the acquitted American. She told me she was a lesbian and I told her I was straight,” Knox wrote in the essay for a Valentine’s Day-themed “Love is a Hoax” series for Broadly’s, a website devoted to women’s issues.

Knox and her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were originally sentenced to 26 years behind bars.

Each served four years before being acquitted of Kercher’s killing in Perugia. S., a higher Italian court reversed Knox’s acquittal in 2013, sentencing her again to prison.

“The important thing is to be open to the likely situation that there are biological factors that contribute to sexual orientation,” added Witelson, who was not part of the research team.