Until then, whether you’re in a creative rut, have exhausted all possibilities on Waygook and Busy Teacher, or just need to fill some time in your after school class, here are the best places to look for lesson plans, material, inspiration, and time killers!Often when planning a lesson you start with the target language and learning goals already in mind, but need to find extra activities and material to make up the meat of the lesson.Creating lessons plans that will keep both you and your students entertained can be a stressful ordeal for any teacher.

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He boasts about his social media proficiency, and even has a girlfriend.

But Hyeon’s voice reveals his youth: Whenever he laughs or gets excited, his changing voice breaks into a pip-squeak.

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FIESTAR's Yeji After School's Ga Eun TEEN TOP's Niel Ao A's Seolhyun SPEED's Sungmin BTOB's Sungjae TINT's Jaime TINT's Mi Rim Hello Venus's Yooyoung5dolls (F-ve Dolls)' Eunkyo B. P's Jongup A Pink's Namjoo ; AKP you missed some people: EXO-K Sehun & Kai ;2NE1 Minzy *technically she became coming of age last year but oh well*B.

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Though still short and skinny, Hyeon, now 18, looks like a typical, fashion-conscious teenager in black tank top and khakis cinched with a silver-buckled belt.

He keeps his hair long and tousled with golden highlights, like a K-pop star, and his ears twinkle with multiple piercings, one of them a silver cross.

—literally “flowering swallow”—the description given to homeless North Korean children who roam like feral packs in the streets of South Korea.