Richardson is now divorced from from producer Tim Bevan whom she was with from 1991-2001 and they have a daughter together, Daisy, born in 1992.

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In addition, Ben's recently widowed father, Seamus (Roy Dotrice, TV's ), has just moved in.

Putting in the mail to you (1) John Gravely Civil War record copied from Martha Mc White's genealogy book on the Bowers Family; (2) John Gravely's estate papers in Pickens County -- 1864; (3) Information from much earlier research on who was the father in VA of Joseph, John, Mary, etc.

"International film star Gabriel Byrne (End of Days, The Usual Suspects) comes to television in a new comedy from Golden Globe Award-winning writer Cindy Chupack (Sex and the City), which examines the lives of three generations of men making their way through the dating world." "Byrne stars as Benjamin Madigan, a handsome, successful and charismatic architect in New York City.

He is single, adorable and available and should be making out like a bandit with the ladies.

-- an alternate version of how these folks got to the US instead of the 3 sons theory; (4) Pointing to error in Ballenger Family history volume about the origin of the "Hensley" name later associated with at least one, and probably no more, of the multiple men named John Gravely.

5) PICKENS SENTINEL 1881 article about John Gravely b. Stewart (Red Rock, MT) in PEOPLE’S JOURNAL (Pickens paper) March 13, 1902. Joely Richardson With the release of the romantic comedy Thanks for Sharing this Friday we thought we would take a look at Joely Richardson’s romantic life.She famously had an affair with millionaire businessman Archie Stirling before becoming involved with actor Kenneth Branagh.and his wife would not make headlines beyond the 3,700 people who swap gossip at the Junkyard Dog Steakhouse and Big John’s Bar-B-Q.But it is, now that it’s a matter of record that Lori Barber is leaving her husband for State Senator Joey Hensley, one of the staunchest opponents of LGBTQ rights in the Volunteer State.The Joseph Gravely line out of Leatherwood, VA dates his birth here in January, 1744 and that origin story links with other names that three sons came together to Virginia.