The modern-day storyline has its own set of antagonists who are no less cunning and vicious, plus some who value truth and honor instead.

It paints a dismal picture of the medieval Catholic church and its pope, who authorized the Crusaders' violent acts against those it deemed heretics, but it's not an inaccurate one, given knowledge of the history. Many at the heart of the story (including the two heroines) are selfless and resolute in what they see as their duties to their community and to their faith.

I think it worked out well, but I am sooooo glad I am a writer and not an actor. Here’s what’s on the back cover: A novel of 13th Century France, Cathar treasure, the Inquisition, the Vatican, and modern-day financial fraud and murder.

Thousands of interruptions and miscues, not to mention the camera battery running out of juice. Here is the Almost Perfect trailer, for your viewing pleasure . Matt Brennan’s life is a mess, and it’s only getting worse!

A young, arrogant investment banker gets caught up in an 800-year-old conspiracy by the Catholic Church, greedy private bankers in London and an international criminal organization.

is partially set in France during the Crusades, and the re-enactment of a particularly gruesome massacre takes center stage during much of the story.

People are hung, stabbed, strangled, and burned alive among other violent acts, and the images will be upsetting to sensitive viewers.

Wil Kinghan is a writer, artist and explorer of the Celtic traditions.

He studied Archeology at University College Dublin and Environmental Design at NCAD before working in advertising and commercial television.Alaïs and her father are protecting three sacred books that reveal the secret of the Holy Grail from the Crusaders.I watched this while on holiday and was quite literally blown away.A German-South African co-production, the two-part series was filmed on location in the medieval town of Carcassonne in southwest France and Cape Town, South Africa.The executive producers were Tim Halkin, Liza Marshall, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Rola Bauer, Jonas Bauer, and Hodges." /The story is loosely based on historical events in Southern France in the early 13th century during a violent clash between Crusaders and the Cathar people.