Kaynette served as his longtime sweetheart and road manager before they married and were officially divorced three years later. “Just because I can’t explain it I can’t say it’s because we get along or because of the way she looks. It’s nothing more than just knowing you’re right.” In the beginning of Shelton’s country music career, his wife managed his Nashville affairs and helped him keep his fledgling career moving forward.

Sadly, the pair divorced in 2006 with Williams claiming that her famous ex-husband was “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.” Shelton quickly moved on with fellow country star Miranda Lambert, who he had met when they sang a duet of “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” for a CMT special in 2005.

Now Kaynette Williams is living a quiet life in Great Bend, Kansas and is working as a math facilitator at an elementary school.

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But there’s hope that this issue is going to be one that people become passionate about fighting since on February 23rd, 2017, people are showing their commitment to it by wearing a red X on their hands.

Actor Ashton Kutcher testified about modern slavery and human trafficking last week in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Long before Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton had a first Ex-Wife by the name of Kaynette Williams (orginally Kaynette Gern).

Blake Shelton and Kaynette Williams were Ada, Oklahoma high school sweethearts and got hitched in a small ceremony in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on November 17th, 2003 during Blake’s break from a tour with Toby Keith.

“END IT is a Coalition of the leading organizations in the world in the fight for FREEDOM. Thank you Peyton Manning for SHINING A LIGHT ON SLAVERY! You can shed light and advocate to end human trafficking and slavery each and every day.

Each of our amazing Coalition Partners are doing the work, on the ground, everyday, to bring AWARENESS, PREVENTION, RESCUE, and RESTORATION.” Mark your calendars / tell a friend that SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY DAY IS 2 DAYS AWAY! So wear that red X on your hand proudly and continue to help fight for the rights of others.

He spoke on behalf of his non-profit Thorn that is working to stop child sexual exploitation through technology. Join us by drawing a RED ❌ on your hand & tagging #enditmovement letting your world know you're in it to END IT!

In the video of his passionate opening statement, Kutcher and Senator Bob Corker can be seen wearing red X pins, which is a symbol to raise awareness about modern-day slavery. How are you RAISING your voice to END IT on FEBRUARY 23rd?! ❌ #enditmovement A post shared by END IT MOVEMENT (@enditmovement) on While Kutcher’s celebrity certainly helped raise awareness about this topic, the red Xs are keeping slavery and human trafficking at the forefront of people’s minds. This is our moment to raise our voices together and make a SHOUT for FREEDOM for those who can't speak for themselves. ❌#enditmovement A post shared by END IT MOVEMENT (@enditmovement) on Perhaps you’ll be inspired to wear your own red X today, but don’t let the cause be in vain.

After 18 gilded seasons, after 293 games, after the most fitting farewell one could have ever scripted, Peyton Manning is retiring from professional football. The imprint he leaves on the NFL is immeasurable and incalculable. 56th Street in Indianapolis on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.