block shine and is sealed at the bottom and weighted with lead.

irridating aluminum-62

The blue topaz that is often confused with aquamarine is rarely natural and is produced by irradiating and then heating clear crystals.

Golden Topaz is the November Birthstone, and Blue Topaz is an acceptable (and popular) alternate birthstone for December.

Test samples must fit inside an aluminum dry tube sealed at the bottom and weighted with lead to prevent floating.

The 21-foot tube has a useable inner diameter of 12.7 cm (5 inches) [or 8.9-cm (3.5-in)] and a useable length of 6 m (19 feet - 8 inches) from the top to the lead.

The presence of helium atoms in metals is crucial to metal performance because precipitated bubbles from helium can substantially deteriorate their mechanical properties, especially for metals at high homologous temperatures ( is the melting temperature).

In this case, drastic embrittlement occurs because of the formation of helium bubbles at the grain boundary [1, 2].

The instrument delivers a radiation dose from Co-60 source (~4 k Gy/hr as of Aug. Two experimental options currently are available: (1) static, where sealed vials containing non-rad or rad materials are irradiated, and (2) dynamic, where analyte liquids are irradiated while being continuously circulated through a test loop located inside the irradiator.

, also located at the FASB, is a Cobalt 60 irradiation facility manufactured by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited for use in an unshielded room.

B-doped aluminum samples were prepared via arc melting technique and rapidly cooled with liquid nitrogen to increase the boron concentration during the formation of compounds.