She didn’t care where she was going or who it was with, as long as it was away from the vet’s office!

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Learn C The Hard Way (LCTHW) is a practical book teaching real world useful C using the same proven Learn The Hard Way method.

LCTHW teaches real robust C coding and defensive programming tactics on real hardware rather than abstract machines and pedantic theory.

In the early days of the Sudoku craze, Sudoku used to be played with pen and paper.

Commuters played Sudoku on newspapers on their laps, or in paper Sudoku books with dozens or hundreds of pages of puzzles.

A Necrocracy is a country which is ruled by a deceased person.

North Korea is still ruled by its now deceased first leader Kim Il-Sung, who is still technically the President.

The book emphasizes breaking your code on purpose, and in the process teaches a plethora of important topics like data structures, algorithms, and automated testing.

If you've wanted to become a better programmer then you need this book.

This leads to increased disenfranchisement, which then leads these former North Koreans to double-defect back to their home country.

The huge stadium has a seating capacity of over 114,000, making it the largest stadium in the world in terms of seating capacity.

Most free weight and traditional resistance machines involve beginning an exercise from a dead stop.