The technique will allow them to study ice that is more than 1 million years old, which will reveal important details about the planet’s ancient climate cycles, according to a report released Monday.

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If you really want to get the conversation flowing, focus instead on connecting to his heart by being vulnerable and authentic. Rather than asking him about his job or where he lives, ask him about a personal detail that opens the door to unusual conversation.Ice cores can be used to determine the composition of the air as well as temperature at the time.By studying the past climate, scientists can better understand the effects that greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere have on temperatures — and can then make more accurate predictions about how the climate will change in the future. Krypton dating is much like the carbon-14 dating technique that measures the decay of a radioactive isotope.About a decade ago, scientists drilled a two-mile-long ice core in Antarctica that revealed 800,000 years of the planet’s climate history.During the early period, concentrations of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, like carbon dioxide, typically rose with the temperature, website Live Science reported.Her particular favourites were the figure skating and ice hockey.