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Instagram has long been a place for people to brag—whether it’s folks showing off their post-workout muscles, their new shoes or even the nauseating #Rich Kids Of Instagram—but Mexican drug cartels are taking things to the extreme.

These aren’t police photos taken inside the home of a Mexican drug lord after an arrest, these are pictures taken by the gangs themselves.

Assertive people have a better chance of gaining the respect of those around them as they are able to stand up for themselves while considering the needs and views of others, according to the "Psychology Today," article "How to Be Assertive, Not Aggressive." Aggressive people can be intimidating; others may begin to avoid them.

Assertive behavior allows everyone to feel comfortable and safe, while aggressive people tend to seek control and get their way even if it means hurting others.

Being aware of the reactions of those around you is a big difference between being assertive or aggressive, according to Lynn Taylor in a "Psychology Today" article.

People who are assertive exude confidence and self-assurance; they make eye contact with those they are speaking to and resist reacting in a negative or explosive manner.

HR Giger’s original Alien design featured a white, human skull under a transparent, exoskeleton dome.

It’s barely noticeable in the first film due to the way the creature is lit, and has long-since dropped out of visual canon.

Kleinschmidt holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Montclair State University.