Or at least not entirely."I think it would be a lie to say it's not, but at the same time, I think it would be a lie to say that's what it is," he told The Times recently. The label has distributed multiple efforts from Hansard's Irish rock band the Frames, which gave it a leg up in its efforts to sign Swell Season after the Oscar win.

"The songs are about relationships, and I think it would be really crass of me and Mar to sit here and say we wrote every song about each other. Hansard and Irglová shied away from many post-Oscar offers.

In 2007, Irglová co-starred in the indie film Once.

Irglová co-wrote many of the songs for the film including "Falling Slowly", which received an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

"It's an old Land Rover Defender, and I'm restoring it," he says, blue eyes blazing.

"I've been filthy for days, and I'm happy as a pig in shit.

"When the phone rang off the hook, which was great, 90% of what we were being offered is stuff we would never have done anyway, regardless of whether we had made 'Once' or not," Hansard said.

"Then there [were] the few things that were just pure gold, like being on 'The Simpsons.' "In an episode that aired in March, the cartoon family visited Ireland, and the musicians reprised and parodied their roles from "Once."To be clear, there was never much doubt about the Swell Season duo giving up after breaking up.

) (born 28 February 1988, in Valašské Meziříčí, Czechoslovakia now the Czech Republic) is a Czech singer-songwriter, musician and actress.

In 2008 she won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for "Falling Slowly", which was co-written with Glen Hansard.

He formed his own band The Frames in 1990, and the group have been gigging regularly in Ireland since.