As we turned at high speed, the car rolled down a hill and I went flying through the back window.

Emergency responders located me crumpled on a snowbank.

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I do this as a reminder that my old life has ended and a better one has begun.

One winter morning, my friends and I were impaired, driving along a rural road.

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Cons No one knows whats going on in other departments.

If you have not completed the course requirements for a high school diploma, but require recognition equivalent to a high school graduate for employment purposes, you may prepare to write the general educational high school diploma equivalent exam.

GED exams are scheduled throughout the year, once a month from September to June.Seeing the extent of my injuries and knowing I needed urgent care, they called for STARS.While in a coma for weeks with swelling on my brain, my family spoke to me, providing me strength to recover.The day I met my STARS crew, I was overcome with emotion and gratitude. 16 is a municipal district in northwest Alberta, Canada.Genting Arena* will hold and use the information you provide to us about yourself to market and promote the products or services of The NEC Group and its supply partners which might be of interest to you by mail, telephone, electronic mail including by SMS and fax.