Those who use the service often turn to Xiaobing when they have a broken heart, have lost a job or have been feeling down.

Some will even tell her, “I love you.” Xiao Bing’s first version was launched on We Chat in June 2014. Xiao Bing created a massive buzz and immediately went viral.

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You simply send a text to a phone number, initiating the conversation with “heyyyyyy,” and it replies with a ridiculous message and a link to a weird item on Amazon. Baker wrote the copy, Lacher programmed the service, and Wang handled the design.

Using the API from a service called Twilio, the team programmed a script that serves up one of about 400 responses from their database, many of which are driven by keywords within the sender’s SMS message.“We have no grand plans for this thing,” Baker says. And we had a bunch of funny ideas like would you have to slur to get in.

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Chat bots are just one form of artificial intelligence that we’d like to demystify for you.

Music Rover aims be your music companion forever, always ready to respond to you right from your messenger.

There is no human intervention involved in the recommendations and so the responses are instant.Xiobing has since returned to We Chat and to give you some idea of Xiao Bing’s popularity, she currently has over 2.5 million followers on Weibo (the Chinese twitter).we are, the more we are all just pixels on a screen.“We launched it about a month ago, and it was an idea that was tossed around for the longest time. At one point, we had built a Captcha that you had to get wrong in order to get in.It was just last year that Microsoft introduced Xiaoice, a chatbot that has become a huge sensation in China.Say for instance, if you're doing a little late-night booze-fueled shopping.