We’d pay Timo 0, if we didn’t finish the video by a certain date. Instead of months, we finished that video in a week. And I begun to hold friends accountable too when they told me they wanted launch a product and let them put a price on it. Update: See the debriefing on Go Fucking Do It and how it raised ,000 » See the startup I built next: Tubelytics » P. I'm writing a book on bootstrapping startups called MAKE, which you can pre-order now.

Those were college days and back then paying 0 meant no food for a month. I continued using this system for most of my latest projects. So this idea works, and I thought it’d be fun to built this into a site. That’s vigorously discussed on Hacker News now and I’ll keep reading their ideas and implement it when there’s a consensus. And I'm now on Instagram and Twitter too if you'd like to follow more of my adventures.

I can honestly say that my history is not littered with people — friends, colleagues, lovers — who are complete assholes. But mostly I trust my gut, and my gut has attracted good people to my orbit. A byproduct of this sensitivity is that if I’m not totally into you — no matter how nice or kind or decent — you annoy the shit out of me and I’d rather be home watching Netflix.

Back when I was a student, I used to share an apartment in Amsterdam with my friend Timo. We’d clean the apartment but then in a matter of days, the kitchen would be filled with dirty dishes.

The house would be so dirty after weeks, that out of sheer desperation, we’d start to clean. Meanwhile, my friend Jim and me were busy making music videos. Timo and I took desperate measures and thought of a system.

You can now link up your Hotmail account to your PC as also to your mobile phone for enhanced security.

You also want to follow some of these Hotmail Sign In tips in future. Maybe it was because the Microsoft Store India database was compromised recently and in all its prudence, Microsoft decided to block all the mail IDs or maybe there was some other reason, I have no idea. I opted for the Send to mobile phone option and waited.

And once you’ve set up the two-box system, it can be hard to break. Most women want sex for the first time with a new partner to be a mind-blowing special experience that brings them closer to a mate.

Therefore, in one study, participants who moved fast sexually, had the worst relationship outcomes later. And in one study called “the passion turning point” study, participants who expressed feelings of love and/or had conversations about commitment before that first-time sex, found the event to be positive passion turning point.

I’ve tampered the quick judgements and am more open-minded.3.

Committing to second dates is also an act of humility and acceptance that my inner dating spidey intuition is flawed. After all, how many divorce stories start with, “When I met him, I knew he was the one …” ? Ultimately, I really do believe in the Law of Fuck Yes/No.

(public post) i’m on a three-hour drive from duisburg to mannheim, about to play the very last show (Maifeld Derby Festival) of the edward/amanda “i can spin a rainbow” tour. the official video for Grown Man Cry, directed by australian director Steven Mitchell Wright (The Danger Ensemble).