A little over a year ago, my roommate Mike said something strange.

He’s a theater director and was working on a production in China.

And it does not show any traces of the program being installed.” “I’ve had suspicions that my daughter is engaged in Sexting and other inappropriate behavior online.

So I purchased Sure Point and was able to confirm my gut feel.

Ultimately, however, We Chat should matter to all of us because it shows what’s possible when an entire country — which currently has a smartphone penetration of 62% (that’s almost 1/3 of its population) — “leapfrogs” over the PC era directly to mobile.

We Chat was not a product that started as a website and then was adapted for mobile, it was (to paraphrase a certain movie) the ARPU of Whats App, the largest messaging platform in the world. Known in Chinese as Weixin (微信) — “micro letter” — We Chat is first and foremost a messaging app for sending text, voice, and photos to friends and family.

Unlike other videos, the received sight videos can’t be saved locally.

If you try to save We Chat sight video, you will get a note or error, saying “Sight cannot be saved locally“.

Calling all party animals to join fellow Zoo patrons for some Monkey Business, a non-traditional gala to benefit the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute in partnership with Friends of the National Zoo.

Welcome to the Smithsonian's National Zoo's Panda Cams, where you can watch giant pandas Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, and Bei Bei.

So why should people outside of China even care about We Chat?

The first and most obvious reason is that it points to where Facebook and other messaging apps could head.

While you're watching pandas chomp on bamboo, play in trees and tumble in the grass, specially trained volunteers with Friends of the National Zoo are hard at work using these cameras to collect behavioral data on the giant pandas.