Group messages make for some hilarious conversations with your friends, and are also a great way to update multiple people without sending individual text messages.But as awesome as they can be, they can also be as equally annoying.” box, your group message will be transformed into a Face Time-esque screen with multiple video boxes.

See more » When Blaire opens up her browser to look up police radio codes, the link is purple while the rest are blue, meaning that she's already been to the web link before in this browser cache cycle, but it is unlikely she had any reason to ever do that before.

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Whereby, in order to use Booyah you’ll need your friends and family to have the application installed alongside Whats App.

Once it’s installed, the app works in conjunction with Whats App, where it has access to your Whats App contacts which allows you to video call any of your friends.

We love Face Time, we mean who on i OS doesn’t love Face Time a way of video calling your friends and family for free?

However, let’s say you have more than one person you want to share your beautiful face with; through Face Time you’ll be limited to only make a two-way video call.The only minor downfall is that you can’t pause the video from your end.If you want to stop the video, you must tap the minus on the top then join back in when you’re ready.Group messages are like the mafia—once you're in, you're in.Fortunately for us, i OS 8 has brought some great new features to its Messages app, like quickly sharing media and quick-reply messaging, but it has also finally enabled individuals to leave a group message thread.We've all been there; you either get preoccupied with something or disinterested with the conversation, yet your friends continue to blabber on.