One possible missing factor from your question is, do you both live in Ethiopia or some country native for neither of you (I'm assuming you do not live in your country, he saying find someone from your own country and all).As a matter of common understanding, culture mixing can be eyed suspiciously in Ethiopia, and your man may feel overburdened by this.

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Avi Masfin, the deputy director of the Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews, says the barriers to intermarriage come from both sides.

NAIROBI, March 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Ethiopian government has been ordered to pay $150,000 to a girl who said she was raped, abducted and forced to agree to marriage at the age of 13, in a landmark ruling activists hope will deter an outlawed, traditional form of child marriage.

However, my frank and straightforward opinion on the issue of any relationship is, if it is strong enough a relationship, it should be able to stand such burdens and strains.

And I must tell you, there are plenty of Ethiopian guys who date someone from another country.

As far as you are concerned, all we can say is that the confidence of the guy and his willingness to take chances are highly correlated with his ability to get dates.

The fact that you felt the need to post this question tends to indicate that as of now you may not possess these qualities to any great extent.

Abusive practices include marriage by abduction -- as in Woineshet's case -- and forced unions between cousins. But he abducted her a second time after being released on bail, held her captive for almost a month and forced her to give written consent to marriage, she said.

But the court said the government had not provided proof of this and Equality Now said Woineshet had since sought asylum abroad, court documents showed.

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