It has been appended as a "check number" or "key" to verify that the card is valid.

It's this check number that gives the Luhn formula its Da Vinci Code allure.

error validating cardaccount number checksum-32

This opcode modifies specified triggering events before they are published to Pipeline Manager.

This opcode can also be used to filter out certain events that are not included in account synchronization (for example, an event that has only balance impacts for currency resources), thereby reducing the traffic in the listener queue.

See the discussion on processing BRM events that make up account synchronization business events in Passes events associated with this opcode in your system's event notification list to the PCM_OP_IFW_SYNC_POL_PUBLISH_EVENT policy opcode for processing.

By default, PCM_OP_IFW_SYNC_PUBLISH_EVENT passes events without modifying them.

This means that the standard Luhn Checksum Test has been performed on the card number, and failed.

Note: Not all card types are subject to the Luhn check.

See the discussion on customizing how to bill events that occur between billing cycles.

There was a time when people thought the internet required a completely different payment method than the real world.

My colleague Jeremy Simon has explained the meanings of these card numbers in more detail.

But there is absolutely nothing random about the final digit of your credit or debit card number.

It's true: Those seemingly random raised numerals on your card not only contain the account identifiers that banks and merchants need to transact business on your behalf, but a little-known credit card version of the Da Vinci Code that verifies its validity without the aid of computers.