Soon after that, his career took off as he got a job as an employee at the Wheeling Intelligencer in West Virginia.

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During this time, Tom started getting famous and started touring and promoting his music and Benyo was left at home to look after their two daughters.

She felt alone and lost, so to deal with isolation, she started taking help of alcohol and drugs.

Tom Petty daughter from his wife Adriana Petty Source: grubstreet One day, Tom arrived home from recordings session to find his wife Jane passed out in the hallway and later found out that it was not only from alcohol.

Tom was living a life of a typical rock star and was also involved in drug addiction.

They now live in Chanhassen a city near Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was raised in Chanhassen a city near Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is believed that she along with her one older brother are living happily with her parents in Chanhassen a city near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Edit In 2008, James won Prism Awards for Performance in a Comedy Series.

He has featured in several movies through which he earns good amount of money. Denton (1930–1993), a dentist who had served in the military and Mary Jean Woolslair Denton, who died from breast cancer in 2002. Edit He was born in upper middle class family to his father J. After receiving this he was taken from Fort Myers to Palms.

It is estimated that his current Net worth is around Million with a massive salary. He spends an afternoon there and received training with the Boston Red Sox Baseball team. He was nominated in this award for Best Actor Fantasy / Science Fiction. He also won Teen Choice Awards the same year for TV - Choice Actor.

Petty and Benyo met each other when they were 17 years old.

Their marriage lasted for 22 years and together they have two children and both are daughters, Adria Petty, who is a film director and has worked with artists such as Beyoncé and Rihanna and Anna Kim Violette who is an artist.

All these issues left the family life pretty stressful and left his family life decimated.