"I'm a warrior." When she wasn't standing up as a fierce competitor on seven seasons of , Brown was making a difference as the founder of Med Gift.The charity organization provides a platform for medical patients to create a gift registry so that loved ones can contribute in the best way.

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Doctors hammered stents into her kidneys to relieve pain issued by aggressive tumors—which had spread from her ovaries into her stomach, liver and lymph nodes—and outfitted her with a colostomy bag when malignancies began to obstruct her intestines.

She lost her appetite, and ate Cheetos crumbs or pizza crust only when relentless gut pain occasionally subsided.

Brown was recently visited in the hospital by her fellow MTV reality star, Chris "CT" Tamburello.

He posted a pic of both of them sleeping side-by-side while holding hands and wrote the following caption on his Instagram:"Sometimes just being there for someone can be the difference between a good and bad day.

When Diem Brown, a beloved competitor on the popular MTV reality competition series “The Challenge,” passed away in November following a 10-year battle with cancer, it never crossed producer Jon Murray’s mind not to air the footage of her final competition.

“She would’ve been furious with us if we didn’t air it,” says the co-founder of Bunim/Murray Productions, responsible for hit shows including “The Real World,” “Project Runway” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” “I think it’s important to see she was a person living with cancer and she wasn’t letting it stop her from doing the things she loved,” Murray says, “and it comes through so strongly during this Challenge that I think it would be an affront to her not to air it.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only loss the MTV family suffered in recent months.

The star went on to receive multiple rounds of chemotherapy to fight the disease, and went into remission in 2006. And send love to those who need it." The late star is survived by her father, two sisters, and brother.

Brown revealed in June 2012 that she had been diagnosed for a second time.

Neither she nor Knight had ever won the grand prize in past seasons.