Latest Wo W fixes nerf Kil’jaeden on Normal and Mythic difficulties By Michael Mitchell — August 11, 2017 Before we head into the weekend, Blizzard released a small round of hotfixes that should make raid groups pretty happy.

PC gamers, as always, were finding creative solutions to even the most challenging technical problems."We think this internet thing is going to be really big," recalls Rob Bridenbecker, Blizzard's VP of technology strategy and planning.

"In 1995 we had Warcraft 2, and we obviously had support for LAN plan, direct link modems and what have you, but there was this really cool service called Kali where people would participate online against one another …

Overwatch hero playtime shows interesting stat lists By Rachelle Riddle — August 11, 2017 In a thread on the Overwatch forums, a couple players posted about team comps and how there always seem to be a Hanzo and Widowmaker in every match.

These two heroes have a bit of a reputation for being easy picks for unskilled players — Hanzo's reputation is so great that it was the inspiration for starting a church in his name.

The little green bar whips to full very quickly, the tiny window goes away and the launcher pops up.

I'm sorry I don't have any advice or help to give you, all I can say is I hope you figure it out =).its pretty much this, I got dced from wow earlier today, and when trying to log back in it began to load the update tool, got to the wow launcher and stopped at 70%.I've tried several things, running wow as administrator, and my friend showing me how to delete the folder, but it didn't change anything. Every time I open my launcher that little window pops up, however I've never had it hang.Dunno if this has reached the us yet, but I'm having the issue now here in the u.k.I've seen this happen before, when diablo 3 was launched, so looks like its making a return with the latest patch.PTR forums are only available when the PTR is running.