That top-dog status is being cemented with a “Ned’s Declassified” TV movie (airing Friday), one in which viewers will finally learn whether Ned and Jennifer “Moze” Mosely, his protector, best friend and confidante – and his would-be, could-be, probably-should-be girlfriend – will finally become a couple. “It’s almost like a cartoon, and kids love that,” says Daniel Lee Curtis, 16, whose portrayal of Cookie also has let him pass under the celebrity radar.

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“I go to public school,” says the 10th-grader from Long Beach.” Some of the girls at school go, ‘Wow, Daniel, you were such a nerd. I’m not really like that,'” says Curtis who, minus the glasses and the deer-in-the-headlights expressions, is a strapping high-school football player.

Not that the show is all belly laughs, says Werkheiser, who adds that there are serious issues addressed in episodes that examine every aspect of school – from problems with lockers and backpacks to trying to sneak out of classes to desperately wanting to keep in touch with friends who move away.

“But kids who really know the show, they recognize me.” Which means his days of public anonymity could be numbered. They’ll be very shocked.” “Ned’s Declassified” has been mildly shocking in its approach since Day 1, having been constructed more like an animated show than a live-action comedy.

After two seasons of slowly building an audience, “Ned’s Declassified” has become this season’s breakout hit among the 14-and-under set, regularly landing in the Top 5 among live-action kids shows watched by that age group. I really can’t,” says Lindsey Shaw, 18, who plays Moze. There are bright, colors, quick cuts and camera effects that sometimes have Ned, Moze and Cookie, their nerdy comrade in arms, racing through the halls of their fictional James K. Shown in back-to-back segments of 15 minutes each, the 30-minute show doesn’t try so much to tell a story as lift chapters from Ned’s survival guide, which he describes in first-person to the camera as the chaos his advice invariably creates unfolds all around him.

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It's a jungle out there and every student knows it!

That's why seventh-grader Ned Bigby is taking on the daunting task of writing a book on how to survive junior high school!

He shares his tips and tricks on the Nickelodeon show, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, as he and his two best friends get into one wacky adventure after another.

Along the way, Ned Bigby (Devon Werkheiser) shared his top secret tips to make the best of those awkward teen years.

MTV News recently caught up with Werkheiser, pictured below, to talk about his acting and music career and what his updated “Ned’s” declassified ~life~ survival guide would look like.

Until then, the Diffys are stuck in the early 21st Century (what they consider the past) and trying to fit in.