So you could have an Egyptian hacker who uses Russian software so it looks like it’s Russian but is actually from Egypt.” “All these companies like Disney, Netflix and Discovery may have very good security teams but you have all these vendors and small production companies which don’t have great security and probably don’t have the budget to focus on their own security so hackers get in pretty easily,” Monsegur said.

“Remember back in the day when movies would leak online and they would go to a pirate bay?

And he will not tolerate a high-security prison in the US.

There the food they give [is eaten with] a straw, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If somebody sends you a letter, they show it to you on a television screen." Proceso: "You believe that El Chapo will not tolerate that?

I don’t think of us have an iota of how we would really respond to most situations. That’s maybe one of the differences between being in a film and watching a film, which I love. Whereas when you’re doing a film, once you start asking, “What would I do? You’re in pretty good shape, if you begin to dream, not in character, but certain conventions of the story. FARRELL: It’s funny because I remember two very, very separate experiences of doing the film, and one was that we shot it in Philadelphia. It was just the film crew, and we had the trailers. She was so brilliant and so present and so imaginative, and she just really cares about it, a lot.

This film makes you wonder though, “What would I do? ,” you’re getting the distance greater between yourself and the character, or you’re bringing the character to you, which I think is self-serving, in the wrong way. Noomi [Rapace] started having earlier dreams than I did, the bitch. We shot a lot of it on a navy yard, so there was this big warehouse and a car park in front of it and it was right on the water. My trailer was parked opposite Noomi’s and there was about 20 yards between both trailers. You know that you’re going to be working with people that are going to raise your game or be there fully with you or challenge you, and that’s cool. You know that it keeps her up at night, and I think that translates. Our hotel rooms were beside each other, so there was a really nice, watered down reflection of the dynamic in the film.

In an interview with the Mexican news magazine Proceso, Popeye, who is a year removed from a 23-year prison term, said Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán would not be captured, but killed, should authorities try to apprehend him again.

Though Popeye thinks El Chapo could be found through a joint effort between uncorrupted police and military forces, American agents, and cooperative criminal elements, he said it would not be "convenient" for the Mexican government or for El Chapo if the fugitive drug lord survived. " Popeye: "He knows he has to be killed, because if they capture him alive, they will extradite him to the US.

He told Deadline that “attribution is probably the hardest thing the FBI is dealing with here.” Because the FBI has to track attacks backwards, “It’s nearly impossible because you have various hackers from pretty much anywhere.

Also, they are aware of techniques to track them down.

" Popeye: "I imagine so; in order to get sun they take you out of your cell in a cage.

And for a recalcitrant Mexican like El Chapo, as it was for Pablo Escobar … That's why El Chapo will get himself killed." He noted that this was the likely period of time it would take to track down the drug lord's finances, family network, and security apparatus. I've been in prison for 20 years, but you will never win this war when there is so much money to be made. Under Escobar's leadership, the cartel waged a violent battle with the Colombian government, killing hundreds of government officials, police officers, prosecutors, judges, journalists, and innocent bystanders in the process.

At the film’s press day, actor Colin Farrell talked about relating to his character, the environment on set, how much he enjoyed working with Noomi Rapace, chatting about work on their shared hotel balcony the night before they would shoot, and how he got cleaner than he’s ever been to play this character. Not that we’re all in love, but that goes for whatever relationships you have in your lives that represent love. You just treat the fiction as the reality, but not ‘til you’re mad.