If you were to sum yourself up in two words what would they be?

A name like ‘Banter Farmer’ shows that you love a bit of banter and that being a farmer is a big part of your life. If you have done, you’ve probably thought beyond the screaming fans and the world tours, to the sensible task of creating a band name.

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An analysis about online dating published in the journal Evidence Based Medicine suggests that men are drawn to online profiles in which a user name signifies physical fitness, while women prefer user names indicating risk-taking. The joint data analysis, by researchers with Queen Mary University of London and the University of Texas, found that choosing internet dating handles that begin with a letter in the first half of the alphabet is as important as uploading a flattering profile pic or crafting the perfect introductory headline.

"Initial interest was best captured through: a desirable screen name starting with a letter in the top half of the alphabet; an attractive still picture; and a fluent headline message," the paper says.

Do not assume that you can do this without any suggestion, which is the first big mistake you will make when joining a website.

You need to know the right way of choosing that commands attention.

You can also use your real name on other sites, but be careful not to use your full name, as it will allow people to find you outside of the safety of the dating website.

If everybody knows you by your nickname, it’s a good place to start. “So why do people call you…” Try to steer away from disgusting or degrading nicknames though as it might put people off you from the start.

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"Those embarking on this medium can use the evidence-based approach from the outset," the researchers wrote.

"Those already registered should update the profile.

A catchy username helps you to establish yourself in the field of online world as someone who can be trusted.