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More than 2.5 million people a year visit the 4.2 acre complex known worldwide as "The Alamo." Most come to see the old mission where a small band of Texans held out for thirteen days against the centralist army of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

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Settlement in the San Antonio area dates from the early eighteenth century when explorers crossed the Rio Grande and began travelling though the lands north of Mexico, with the aim of extending the new Spanish territories.

Besides the acquisition of new land, these pioneers also sought to spread the Catholic faith - new villages were based around a large church with other buildings for storage and living quarters, which together with cultivated areas for crops and animals were enclosed in a high protective wall, to ward off attacks from unfriendly groups of roving Apache and Comanche Indians.

PDF format maps of San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, from the National Park Service: Overview area map (132 kb) Detailed park map (288 kb) Texas Missions map (76 kb): Spanish Missions In Texas, 1659-1795.

In 1718 Mission San Antonio de Valero was established along the San Antonio River; it was renamed The Alamo at the start of the next century and received enduring fame in 1836 at the culmination of a period of fierce Mexican attacks during the Texan War of Independence, when around 180 defenders, made up of settlers and native Texans, held out for 13 days against up to 5,000 enemy soldiers before finally being defeated.ABOUT JMA Since 1972, John Mc Clellan Auctions / San Marcos Auctions has sold some of the largest selections of American Antiques in San Marcos and Central Texas at our frequent sales.Whether you are bargain hunting or looking for just the right antique for your home or shop, we are sure you will find what you are looking for here. floor lamp Oak folding sewing stand Puffy shade lamp Selection of colored fruit jars Cooke jars Enamelware Oriental lamps Pr.Your group will also tour the "LBJ Ranch" at the Lyndon B.Johnson National Historic Park as part of this Texas bus trip.The five San Antonio missions survive intact and the southernmost four are protected as a National Historical Park, which incorporates various sites and tracts of land along the river connected by the Mission Trail, a 12 mile route along city streets that when complete will link The Alamo in the centre with Mission Espada, southernmost of the 5 churches.