It was even rumoured that you were providing guest vocals on Tori's reworking of 'Heart of Gold'.

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The May 2002 issue of SPIN magazine (with Pink on the cover) includes a section entitled "Bad Ass Grrrls". There is a sidebar on page 76, and it says: "NICE GIRLS... Singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb mentioned Tori in an answer to a question on her official web site at

I've always thought whoever does their music snippets has great taste!

Lo, Janet Jackson, Tori Amos and Shakira I heard a few bars of Hungarian Wedding Song between show segments on the show Marketplace on NPR (National Public Radio) on March 19, 2002.

Question: For a moment you had the Tori Amos community all abuzz about your involvement on her latest album "Strange Little Girls".

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Lisa's answer: "I think that the Tori Amos collaboration was all rumors.