It doesn't stand still for a moment and no matter how much we may complain about change, there's no escaping evolution.

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WASP’s will be given a 6 month period to achieve targets of 100,000 SMS messages and 50,000 MMS messages per month.

Note: Bulk Messaging only allows for sending to MTN subscribers only and they need to have opted in for the service.

The new Token Based Billing system implements additional controls and checks in order to protect customers and systems from abuse.

Token Based Billing implements a token generation for customer opt in for WASP services.

A way to stay in touch with your friends or colleagues with just the tap of a button.

It's simple and that's why we believe people will accept it."But communicating with a single beep isn't particularly helpful to anyone, so there needs to be an understanding between Ping users of why one might be pinging the other.MS can change sex and sexual relationships in various ways.This page looks briefly at the main issues faced by people with MS.A Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) is a company that provides services such as bulk SMS, USSD, IVR, PRSMS and MMS to the public. Each WASP is a separate partner that specialises in a certain service.These are SMSs that go customers that have subscribed to or requested such Ball Don't Lie -- and, jeez, they're selling for up to ,000 on e Bay.