Alpha spectrometry and gamma spectrometry became the work horses for the study of the uranium and thorium decay chains in a variety of Earth materials.

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ISBN 0-939950-64-2; ISBN13 978-0-939950-64-5 Exactly 100 years before the publication of this volume, the first paper which calculated the half-life for the newly discovered radioactive substance U-X (now called Th), was published. The Behavior of U- and Th-series Nuclides in the Estuarine Environment by Peter W.

Now, in this volume, the editors Bernard Bourdon, Gideon Henderson, Craig Lundstrom and Simon Turner have integrated a group of contributors who update our knowledge of U-series geochemistry, offer an opportunity for non-specialists to understand its basic principles, and give us a view of the future of this active field of research.

Jamie is the result of an extra-marital affair that his father pursued for many years in his home town of Newmarket, Suffolk, with Miss Ludlow, his former assistant.

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In the 1930s he began working for Alexander Keiller, an amateur archaeologist who funded his work from the profits of his Dundee Marmalade business.

The two dug numerous sites in Wessex including Avebury and Kennet Avenue.Much of what we learned about the Th decay chain nuclides as chronometers and process indicators we owe to these seminal studies based on the measurement of radioactivity. Uranium-series Chronology and Environmental Applications of Speleothems by David A. Short-lived U/Th Series Radionuclides in the Ocean: Tracers for Scavenging Rates, Export Fluxes and Particle Dynamics by J. The discovery that mass spectrometry would soon usurp many of the tasks performed by radioactive counting was in itself serendipitous. Known affectionately as "the Long Fellow", he won the Derby nine times, including his first victory in the famous Epsom race in 1954, aged only 18.He also rode more than 5,300 winners worldwide during 47 years in the saddle.In this volume, for the first time, all the methods for determining the uranium and thorium decay chain nuclides in Earth materials are discussed.