Mc Lean, who has previously been married twice and has two sons, Monty and Rupert, shared a photo to Instagram with her new beau and eldest son over the weekend.

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The two of you have so many similarities it's scary. That’s such a great movie, and it’s one of the first movies where it co-stars a man and a woman and they are both equally funny. It’s usually just a man or then we got into this age of female-driven comedies.

Kaitlin Olson: Oh my God, can you call her and tell her that?! How about men and women can both be funny in the same scene together? But yeah, I would say that out there, but how are you guys similar?

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne star confirmed the news to The Herald Sun in an article published Sunday, describing the radio presenter as 'one of the most brilliant men' she's ever met.

The personality informed the publication the couple have been together for some time.

Fans might be surprised at the pairing, giving Susie's history with a high-flying executive and Mick's well-known brand of self-depreciating humour.'He is a great golfer and I love the game and have been playing a long time, so we have been down the coast playing quite a bit of golf.'Comedian Mick is well-regarded as an icon of Australian cinema, regularly depicting the classic Aussie battler in films such as Crackerjack, Boytown and Bad Eggs.

This persona spills into his Triple M breakfast gig as a member of The Grill Team.

From there, she's lived enough lives to warrant a movie (she decided to go to a Phillies baseball game Rob Mc Elhenney).

But along the way, Olson's picked up some pretty valuable advice.

"My sensibility is more cable," Olson says with a laugh.

Of course, perhaps just as interesting as the show is Olson's own life, which began in Oregon and took her to the hallowed comedy training ground of The Groundlings in Los Angeles.

Susie did not confirm to the publication whether fans would be seeing the relationship unfold on Season Four of her reality series, after rumours have suggested she would not be taking part.