Greg was in his final year of high school; and like all 18 year olds, he could not wait for it to be over. Greg was pretty shy around girls for years and rarely dated.His last girlfriend Jenn left him after dating for only 2 weeks.After writing in the card, Greg could not find anything that would be considered a birthday present, so he decided to change out of his school clothes into some shorts and a tee shirt.

I am always seeing adorable tin buckets at the dollar section at Target.

That’s where I grabbed this cute coral scalloped bucket-for $1 to boot.

It was the perfect size for a bag of chocolates to fit in-who wouldn’t love some chocolate?

After those are gone (for me, that would take maybe a day…), you could use the tin for some cute crafty storage! Quick & Easy Hydrangea Cake by Sweet C’s Designs 90. Citrus Whipped Honey Butter Jars by Sand and Sisal 92.

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Greg walked through the front door at his usual time. Greg still had not found a gift for his mother, and time was running out.

After a rough day of school, Greg would normally plop himself down on the living room sofa and watch some TV. At least he had had enough sense to buy his mother a card though.

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