"Spider-Man: Homecoming" costars Tom Holland and Zendaya have responded to reports that they are dating.At face value, it seems the pair are dismissing chatter they have swung into a new romance.

He hails from Mullins, SC and Fayetteville/Hope Mills areas.

This guy also lied about his own kid, and God help the mother of that one.

Nederlandse vrachtwagenchauffeurs zien niets in nieuwe plannen van Brussel voor het Europese wegtransport.

Dat blijkt uit een enquête van SP en Pvd A onder 1300 chauffeurs.

This lying cheating trucker/national guard “serviceman” carried on in a relationship for almost three years time with a close friend of mine.

He then proceeded to lie about being married, and also claimed the child’s mother was pregnant from another man at some point.

To make matters worse, he is now claiming he never evwn knew my friend or was involved with her.

This is in spite of multiple call records, visits, and even a child that was conceived at some point.

No one wants to receive an HR memo containing romance-related reprimands.

At first glance, such office rule seems unfair, but this seemingly cruel imposition of a romance-less working place actually makes a lot of sense, according to an article in Fortune.

Looking for romance in the workplace is not only frowned upon but also totally prohibited in some cases.