Except for a surfaced bubble that causes a chip (after manufacturing), internal bubbles are not considered to be flaws due to their common occurance. The Fleron company was in business from 1922 to 1941.

In the first year of its operation, more than 800 charter members joined its ranks.

Since then, annual paid membership has averaged 900 members.

Manufacture Embossings:2205 means 2 two shells2 two parts05 rating 5 k V (previous numbering system)6205 means 6 series 6000 (early '60s)2 two parts05 rating 5 k V low voltage 6118 6 means series 60001 bell type18 cat.

number UNEL: Manifattura Isolatori Vetro Acqui(Acqui Glass Insulators Factory)Manufacture Embossings: Acoui: The town in Italy where the Insulators where made AT: Alta Tensione (High voltage)BT: Bassa Tensione (low voltage)CA: Cavo in Alluminio (Cable in Aluminum)FS: Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian State Railroad Co.)MT: Media Tensione (medium voltage)M: (Unknown)S: (Unknown)T: (Unknown)UNES: UNione ESercizi elettrici (old private electric co.)V: (Unknown)1xx, 2xx, 3xx series: Seen on Multi Parts, the fist Number is how many parts.

Glass insulators were first produced in the 1850's for use with telegraph lines.

As technology developed insulators were needed for telephone lines, electric power lines, and other applications.

This web site is dedicated to providing information on every insulator style made by Hemingray.

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The NIA also has a strong focus on research and education on insulators, the companies that used them, and the companies that made them dating back to the mid 1800's.

The NIA was established and officially founded on July 7, 1973 at the National Show held in Hutchinson, Kansas.

These tiny flaws are so small that they do not normally distract from the aesthetic appearance of the artifact.