When an alcoholic manages to break their addiction, there can be a lot of initial optimism about the future.For years, life may have been a bit unbearable for the addict and their love ones, due to alcohol abuse.

Dating a newly recovered alcoholic video

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Hazelden Books and Resources Hazelden provides trusted resources to help prevent, treat, and recover from alcoholism and other drug addiction as well as other related disorders.

I am not a counselor, and am not able to provide you with professional help with your situation.

I do highly recommend the following resources that will hopefully offer you guidance and hope that you can get through this (yes, you can).

Now that the drinking has stopped it is reasonable to expect that things will improve.

Unfortunately though, just removing alcohol is not enough in most cases to qualify as a “recovery”.

They get stuck and life away from alcohol will not be as fulfilling and happy as it should be.