Witnesses around a kilometre from the school said they could hear gunfire. Abu Misry Mama, a spokesman for the BIFF, told Reuters the militants had taken civilians to a place safe from the crossfire, and did not intend to hold them hostage. We're not kidnappers." Philippine troops, backed by airstrikes and artillery, remain involved in the offensive to wrest back control of villages and the business district.

There were no casualties and no students were taken hostage, Brigadier General Restituto Padilla said, discounting earlier reports some children were being held by the fighters.

However, he said the military was investigating whether the five civilians were still with the militants.

And then the question is, what are we all going to do about that?

" Hill, during the radio interview, said, "we are going to have to thicken up our defense of South Korea ... officials said it was a failure as it exploded seconds after it was launched.

In 1968, he refused a North Vietnamese offer of early release, because it would have meant leaving before other prisoners who had been held longer.

Army tanks packed with soldiers rolled into a southern Philippine city on Thursday to try to restore control after Isis-linked militants launched a violent siege that sent thousands of people fleeing for their lives and raised fears of extremists gaining traction in the country.

Mc Cain graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1958.

He married the former Carol Shepp in 1965; he adopted two children from her previous marriage and they had another child together.

As a naval aviator, Mc Cain flew attack aircraft from carriers.

During the Vietnam War, he narrowly escaped death in the 1967 Forrestal fire.

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