We were together while he was a promoter for the last year of his time working for the club, and let me tell you, I wish there was some FAQ I could’ve read to know I wasn’t alone in the madness that is dating in this industry.

Turtles move slow, but it is my opinion that the DJ breed perhaps moves a little slower.

Here are some helpful tips that helped my relationship survive with a member of the DJ persuasion.

Only 10% of performers at music festivals around the world are female, and an even smaller percentage of women are on music label rosters, according to Female Pressure.

So if you’re a female DJ, my betting is you’ve at some point felt like it’s close to an impossible task in front of you. Why do they fail to break the Top 10 lists of any kind (besides an all-female DJ list)?

And in this article I’m going reveal the “unspoken truths” that cause well-deserving female DJs like you to be unequal.

Truths that mean, if you’re don’t take action to counter them, you’ll end up getting no results, becoming demotivated… The good news is that once you acknowledge these unspoken truths within yourself, you beat the odds and start to see results.

So, you have a super hot local DJ sliding into your DM’s lately, and you’re wondering if he/she could ever be the real deal.

Maybe you’ve already hooked up with a club promoter a couple of times and there seems to be a mutual interest there in pursuing more than just an occasional am booty call post-Club.

Of course your confidence is not going to be so high. Ever notice that in many of Nervo’s interviews, the ladies continuously give admiration, positive comments and recognition to all of the DJs and producers that have worked with them? In the DJing industry where most promoters, bar and club owners are men, they are likely to favour other men, with female DJs generally only getting a look-in when a promoter or club manager tries to put together an all-female night, or wants you to DJ “the ladies’ night”. Do you have a large social network of followers that you can bring to the venue? Some DJs show up around 15 minutes before their set and head out the door as soon as their set is done – will you come early and stick around after your set? Do you have testimonials not only on your talent but on your character?