2: Whenever you visit a bar together, no matter how stunning you look, their first glance will always be at the spirit selection.If the bar has a poor spirit selection, they will be depressed and listless for the rest of your evening.

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eventually settled in to become one of the sharpest and funniest sitcoms currently on the air.

Unfortunately, quality doesn’t always lead to big ratings and the show struggled to find an audience, causing it to be cancelled by Fox, its original network.

3: Unless you are willing to learn something about aged rum and the subtle nuances of various bitters, they will resent you.

4: No matter how super-smart they actually are, all your friends will think they have less than three GCSE's to their name and almost certainly in humanities subjects like drama and home economics.

At the beginning of the show, Mindy and Danny really do not get along.

While they have a begrudging respect for each other as doctors, the rivalry is clear.

(Honestly, seeing you pretend not to be glancing at your notifications is .

If you get carried away talking, that's great, but don't be afraid to bow out while it's still going well.

However, Hulu swooped in and added it to its growing catalog of original programming, and will be premiering the 26-episode fourth season on September 15.