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cloudfront not invalidating-89

After each deployment it will send a list of changed files to invalidate to your Cloud Front distribution.

If you’d prefer to always invalidate the entire distribution, please enable the according checkbox.

I even went and made the changes manually but no change...

When a video is uploaded it has a Use Invalidations to clear the cache, you can put the path to the files you want to clear, or simply use wild cards to clear everything.

Once again, AWS wins with the principles of on-demand, pay for what you use, throw away what you don’t need.

Deploy Bot can invalidate your Cloud Front distribution after every deployment when using Amazon S3 deployments.

The best approach to this problem is to change your filenames when you update a page - this will force Cloudfront to retrieve the new content.

Again, keep in mind that Cloudfront is typically used for media files (including images) and style/javascript - and not so much for html.

Then added a new CNAME called "static", which points to Cloud Front.