S., and far less in the Dominican Republic, the site of the world’s largest premium cigar manufacturer, I realized that my smoke lounge takeover, in the name of research, might be met with animalistic behavior.

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Nowadays woman who smoke cigar is considered true cigar aficionado.

She smokes for the relaxation and pleasure cigar smoking brings.

A wispy silk summer dress, red lips and bamboo stilt stacked wedges– a look far too foreign for a tobacco lined cigar lounge bubbling over with testosterone.

Dagger eyed, I was sex on a stick as far as they were concerned.

However, Cuba’s dating scene is a bit more obtuse, as technology and government entanglement come into play if you are a foreign lad not looking for a mail order bride or the sex for money trade.

It is the strangest “dating” scene I have seen, right up there with Ukraine – which is comprised of suspicious middle-aged men from America who are who creepily roam the wild land of the East looking for a bride to bring back to their middle-class hovel in the American heartland.Damn, it was so frustrating, and for many American men that is the same way they feel about Cuban girls.There are so many incredibly hot Cuban women just across the Florida Strait from Key West, only about ninety miles, but you can't touch them. For Americans, the gorgeous Cuban women for marriage might as well be nine thousand miles away instead of ninety, because of restrictions on visiting the island.She does not smoke cigars to be part of a "trend." this woman is a strong, passionate, confident, ultra-successful woman. You guessed it - pretty much for the same reasons men do.Unique and independent, with discriminating tastes, she lives life to the fullest. Cigars taste good, and like fine wines, well aged spirits and gourmet food, they are a connoisseur's experience to be contemplated and savored.It seems that the prevalence of unspoken and easily digested patriarchal infused cultural constructs have gobbled us up once again. It just depends on the time that they want to spend smoking.