Our mission is to celebrate older gay men and to create a healthy, fun alternative to meat-market websites.

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Printed on a mimeograph in California, Dragongate featured stories, personal ads, photos and re-prints of a comic series called Judge Dredd, a sci-fi comic featuring obese characters quarantined on their own island.

By the mid-80s, there were two ways for someone who was into weight gain to discover others like themselves: By attending a big men’s meeting like Girth & Mirth--where a handful of attendees might share their interest--or by finding personal or Dragongate ads in gay publications.

Her first compilation album (2014) was a chart and sales success and earned her a Grammy Award.

Her fifth album, Storyteller (2015), made her the only country artist to have all first five studio albums reach either numbers one or two on the Billboard 200.

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Other Girth & Mirth clubs launched soon after, in Boston (in 1977) and New York (in 1978), eventually spreading to every major metro area by the late 80s.