She said an erotic singer doesn’t have sex for money but it is her songs that get her a living. Talking about the different setting of the film, Swara said Aarah was last explored in You think Anarkali is characterless, she sleeps with people, and has multiple partners, fine, she has. We are not apologetic of what Anarkali is or what she does for a living.

Also, Avinash Das’ sharp writing is the life of this story, based in the heartland of India.

What’s Bad: One can tell the sequence of the story quite early on, especially where the climax is headed.

She revealed that all the costumes she has worn in the film are from the town of Bihar itself.

As far as makeup is concerned, Swara applied loud foundation, glossy eye shadows, dark nail paints and lipsticks to look like Anarkali.

She said eroticism was a way to depict sex and sexuality, and something that was not equal to porn.

The actress told, it is in absence of creativity that sexual representation became porn.The deleted scenes surely must have made Pahlaj Nihalani-headed CBFC highly uncomfortable.The You Tube video with the deleted scenes was uploaded on February 25, three days before the release of the trailer. Deleted sex scenes of Swara Bhaskar from Anarkali of Aarah leaked".KIRAN: The digital era is the future for actors, directors, and content creators.I think for us it was easier to put it online because we have creative control over it.While the trailer of the film has been receiving positive response from the audience, one cannot refute the chances of the sexually explicit scenes being leaked intentionally for better publicity.