after his divorce, he dated the American television actress Brittany Daniel for several years.

Career Both girls began acting in the 1989 with an appearance in the sitcom The New Leave It to Beaver.

As the mysterious new stripper/high school student intent on deflowering the all-too-serious Dawson, Daniel's Eve was a provocative, welcome addition to the cast, but audiences were only treated to her unexplainable antics for four episodes before her character revealed her secret and skipped town.

The couple dated each other for several years before their marriage. Their long-term love affair turned into a marriage on 16 June 2001. After four years of their marriage, the couple divorced in 2005.

They together had five children, four daughters named Ivory Aziza, Daphne Ivory Shiva, Jolie Ivory Imani, and Nala Yasmeen Ivory and a son named Keenen Ivory Wayans Jr.

He is also a successful film producer and a member of the Wayans family of entertainers.

He is best known for his starring role in the TV series He is also known as the director and producer of the first two installments of the popular Scary Movie spoof franchise.

And most folks charged it to her just trying to get pub for her show..her doing research for her role on the show.

But the two are still kickin' it lovey dovey style: The two were seen shopping in Malibu and leaving from dinner at Nobu yesterday.

Born and Birth Brittany Ann Daniel was born on March 17, 1976 in Gainesville, Florida, U. She returned to series television with a recurring role as Eve on "Dawson's Creek" in 1999.

When "Sweet Valley High" ended production, her sister Cynthia gave up acting for photography, and Daniel began to work on her own.

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