Using other people’s research or ideas without giving them due credit is plagiarism.Since Bib Me™ makes it easy to create citations, build bibliographies and acknowledge other people’s work, there is no excuse to plagiarize. It’s the classic story of boy meets girl – except this boy and girl are refugees from the Vietnam War newly settled in a relocation camp inside Middle America.

Nothing should link the murders of these two women and nothing seems to. Forsyth and Hay get to do something both have wanted – to work together again.- Lola Woodby is living the carefree life of a society woman in Prohibition America.

Then her wealthy husband dies, leaving her a pile of debt.

It was definitely the most surprising season premiere !

When the 4 minutes sneak peek was released and revealed to be a flashback I had no idea the whole episode (almost) would be one ! Since, S1, I kept hoping to find more about Beth, her relationships with Paul, the other seestras, Art ; how she really was and what sequence of events led to her decision to kill herself.

- While the Yard’s DCI Stephen Hay investigates the murder of a Canadian tourist, RCMP Insp.

Liz Forsyth investigates the shooting of a Chechen outside the Russian Embassy in Ottawa. )Sunfire Thunderbird IThunderbird IIIWarpath The White Queen Wolverine (PC Versions), Wolverine (Non-PC) "Name" Characters: Anole Beak Dust Elixir Graymalkin Hellion Icarus Ink Kid Omega Mercury Prodigy Rockslide The Stepford Cuckoos Surge Tag Wallflower Wind Dancer Wither Wolf Cub X-23---- Minor Characters: Blindfold & Gentle Bling & Onyxx Cipher & Trance Dummy & Basilisk Dryad & D. Flubber & Rain Boy Glob Herman & Tattoo Gloom & Specter Indra & Angel Salvadore Jeffrey, Wing & No-Girl Kidogo & Rubbermaid Match, Silicon & Slick Preview & Network Quill & Loa Radian & Redneck Tantra & Ernst Adam X, The X-Treme Caliban Callisto Captain Britain Cerise Karma Kylun MMaverick Meggan Moira Mac Taggert Moonstar Morlock Group 1 (Tommy, Cybelle, Erg, Tar Baby, Ape)Morlock Group 2 (Blowhard, Scaleface, Berzerker, Healer, Piper)Morlock Group 3 (Sunder, Masque, Beautiful Dreamer, Leech)Multiple Man Pete Wisdom Rusty Collins Shard Skids Strong Guy Wolfsbane Batman (BUILD #1000! America IRobotman ISargon the Sorceror Spy Smasher Tarantula IT. I'm pretty sure players would hate the Young Guns, since pretty much every member is weaker than these two.Orphan Black kicked off its fourth season last night with an amazing episode, titled "The Collapse of Nature", written by Graeme Manson and directed by John Fawcett . ) Reputation (Clumsy Oaf) Responsibility (Riverdale High, Every Sports Team Ever, Dates with Both Betty and Veronica at Same Time) Rivalry (Reggie Mantle) Rivalry (Central High) Drawbacks: Abilities: 7 / Skills: 36--9/ Feats: 9/ Powers: 0 / Saves: 0 /Combat: 8 (33) Here he is, among the most famous and oldest comic book characters of ALL TIME, and one who's curiously gone un-statted till just now. Since Archie continuity seems to alter itself at times, some of Archie's skills are only occasionally seen. )Batgirl Bystanders (Alfred, Gray Ghost, Summer)The Creeper Harvey Bullock Jim Gordon The Phantasm Renee Montoya Robin---Baby Doll Bane Catwoman Clayface Firefly H. ARCHIE ANDREWS PL 5 (33) ST 11 DEX 10 CON 10 INT 10 WIS 8 (-1) CHA 18 ( 4) Skills: Acrobatics 3 ( 3) Bluff 2 ( 6) Diplomacy 2 ( 6) Drive 1 ( 1) Investigate 4 ( 2) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 6 ( 6) Perform (Guitar) 5 ( 9) Perform (Singing) 5 ( 9) Sense Motive 2 ( 0) Survival 2 ( 0) Feats: Attractive 1, Beginner's Luck, Favored Opponent (Greasy-Haired Smartasses), Jack of All Trades, Leadership, Master Plan, Quick Change, Teamwork, Ultimate Effort (Master Plan) Powers: Saves: Toughness 0, Fortitude 0, Reflex 0, Will -2 Combat: Attack 0, Damage 0, Defense 4, Initiative 0 Complications: Accident (Constant) Obsession (Betty or Veronica?We still don’t know what the hell those worms are for, but I’m confident we’ll know a lot more by the end of the season.