At the age of 36 last season, he hit a respectable .255 with 20 home runs and 78 RBI in 154 games with L. Too bad his former girlfriend wasn't around to see it.

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is a new streaming TV channel, providing a destination for baseball fans everywhere to hang their caps and view original content in their living rooms.

Co-Founder and baseball documentarian Jon Leonoudakis will screen some of the episodes and lead a panel discussion about the importance of oral histories to preserve baseball history.

After Megan posted the exchange on Twitter, it was retweeted more than 10,000 times, with both male and female sports fans applauding her for putting the guy in his place and sharing similar experiences.

“As the baseball season approaches, Major League Baseball and are focusing on singles.

The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) collection housed in the Sullivan Family Baseball Research Center is the largest baseball research collection outside of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N. Born from a partnership between San Diego Public Library and the Ted Williams Chapter of SABR in 1998, the Center aims to: In 2013, the Center acquired a significant donation of baseball research material dating from the 1870s from William J.

Weiss, one of SABR’s earliest members and a well-respected baseball statistician and historian.We have a few questions to help you find the perfect teammate for life. (a) provide career opportunities for the elderly and infirm.(b) donate hair to sick children.(c) fight to preserve historical relics.(d) throw pool parties for city kids.(e) organize and advise student athletes.(a) Treat myself to something expensive and flashy that I don’t really need.(b) Treat myself to something expensive and flashy that I don’t really need.(c) I’d renovate my house and buy a giant stuffed animal. You know, for the kids.(d) Treat myself to something expensive and flashy that I don’t really need.(e) Invest in a supercomputer.(a) Throw money at them until they go away.(b) Cursing at them.(c) I just let things happen.(d) I copy the people I admire most.(e) First, I make the problem worse. I will do or spend whatever it takes to win.(b) Yes. He decided that no woman on Earth could possibly know baseball as well as a man (because he lives in the 1950s, presumably), so he quizzed her on something pretty simple, asking which teams comprised the NL East, one of Major League Baseball's six divisions.As to how Brown responded, she took it all in stride and shut that dude down in a humorous way.Regardless of which ballplayers they are currently dating, we still can't resist their sexy bodies and poses.